Oil Company Gives Away Free Gas Made from Trees


The Gasoline of the Future uses leftovers from the Swedish forest industry to power vehicles and influence politicians

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 31 july 2014

The forest is full of many things: plants, animals, minerals in the soil and so forth. Few would imagine, however, that in all that biomass there is a tremendous amount of energy that doesn’t require any fancy extraction or conversion. In fact, Sweden’s biggest gasoline and diesel producer, Preem, has found a way to turn the residues from the Swedish forest industry into a Gasoline of the Future.


This new kind of gasoline works just the same as the standard kind, and can work in any car, except it has far lower greenhouse gas emissions. Preem expects their new gasoline to be ready for the general market in 2017, but is facing hurdles from politicians.

So, in order to grow awareness of their revolutionary new product and put pressure on politicians to approve it, Preem has begun giving away one liter of the fuel to whoever wanted it.


Their campaign launched with a beautiful video (you can watch above) that was produced entirely on-camera with no digital or post effects. In it, the company explains how they are ‘entirely dependent’ on politicians to think and make decisions in new ways in order to bring their gasoline to market. Preem’s thinking is that if a whole bunch of people get a free sample of this future fuel and love it, they will publicly demand it and pressure their decision makers.

This is certainly a unique approach for an energy company to take when it comes to bringing a new product to market. It certainly speaks to the disruptive potential of this fuel when a large petroleum company needs to appeal to the public for approval, and not directly with the government.

It sounds too good to be true, but hopefully it is and the Swedish people will demand that this innovative new fuel be made available to them.


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