Photographer Splices Owners with Their Cats Faces for a Series of Anthropomorphic Felines

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Pets and portrait photographs create strange new human hybrids

Ross Brooks
  • 11 july 2014

Some people are so attached to their pets that it’s not uncommon for them to take on similar characteristics, but what happens if they swap faces? Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani decided to find out with a series of photos called “Undercats.” Each of the images fuses an owner’s portrait with the feline features of their four-legged furry friends. The pictures showcase people from all walks of life, and make for some very bizarre viewing.

The idea stems from an earlier project called “Underdogs,” in which the photographer swapped an owners face with that of their dog. Magnani said: “I am so fascinated by the eyes of cats. Unlike dogs, cats all [have] the same head form, so there is not so much difference between each other.” If you look through the photos, it’s easy to see how each of the animals has a distinct personality based purely on the look in its eyes.

In order to capture the images, Magnani had to travel all around Switzerland to visit people and their feline friends where they lived. After that, it would take anywhere from 6-8 hours to complete a single finished image.

Magnani started the face-swapping series for fun, but as he states on his website: “What originally started out as entertainment, without expectation, without any pressure, was suddenly creating waves. The four-legged friends and their owners have since travelled the world. Various blogs, journals, and television shows have all reported on the bizarre image combinations of humans and animals.”

Don’t miss out on the images in the gallery below.

Sebastian Magnani

[h/t] MyModernMet,

Images by Sebastian Magnani


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