8 Stories You Need To Know Today

8 Stories You Need To Know Today

Colleges recommend dating classes, Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign reaches $5.4 million and a computer can now detect future teen binge drinkers.

Hilary Weaver
  • 3 july 2014

Colleges recommend courses in dating and romance. Quartz

Computer taught to detect future teen binge drinkers. The Verge

‘Reading Rainbow’ kickstarter reaches $5.4 million. Mashable

Which architect is winning the 3D printing rat race? Pop-up City

How the Cambridge Satchel Company became the brand of envy. Telegraph

Cameras will become an integral part of future cars. Readwrite

Facebook now owns video advertising company Live Rail. VentureBeat

U.S. Secretary of Defense name changed to ‘Tim Howard’ in Wikipedia. FTW

+Cambridge Satchel Company
+Tim Howard

Capsule Is Reimagining The Pharmacy As A Patient-First Experience

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Fashion june 23, 2017
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