Reebok Reaches Out to CrossFit Athletes with Bacon Products


The global apparel brand has developed 'Reebok Bacon' to engage health-crazed consumers and promote the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games

Charlie Stephens
  • 24 july 2014

It’s safe to say that bacon is one of the most beloved foods in America. It’s also one of the most consumed treats for those following a Paleolithic diet. This carnivorous, hunter-gatherer diet cherishes low-carb, protein-packed food that of which can be beneficial for many CrossFit athletes.

To engage with the CrossFit Community and celebrate the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games, Reebok has developed their own line of bacon products. The Reebok brand bacon follows paleo recommendations and is free from all nitrates, preservatives, MSG, and sweeteners, and is smoked rather than cured.

The Reebok Bacon was packaged and distributed to athletes and fans before the start of the games on July 23, and is fueling the activities and fun at the week-long event. All shipments were kept fresh on dry ice, so bacon lovers had no need to worry about spoilage.

As if the bacon itself wasn’t interesting enough, the brand is also operating a gourmet food truck. The Reebok Bacon Box will serve up a different bacon-wrapped item each day, and a secret menu will be available online for those interested in a chance to win a prize. Among the food items are bacon-wrapped artichokes, bacon-wrapped chorizo-stuffed dates, bacon-wrapped seasoned pork belly, and bacon-wrapped carne asada and pepperoncini.

Reebok’s strategy was ideated and implemented by San Francisco based advertising agency Venables Bell & Partners, who has planned to roll out additional bacon-themed events over the course of the games.

The foodie campaign marks an interesting industry cross-over. Reebok is appealing to other realms of consumer interests with the irresistible treat, and is setting itself apart as a highly connected, consumer-friendly brand. Reebok is embracing the CrossFit community’s unique lifestyle and growing popularity, and appears to understand the opportunities that exist for gaining the loyalty of the growing consumer base.

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