Respiration Tracker Monitors Stress Levels, Suggests When To Calm Down

Respiration Tracker Monitors Stress Levels, Suggests When To Calm Down

Spire tracks breathing patterns to help people improve their state of mind.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 july 2014

Most activity trackers are focused on measuring the user’s physical movement. San Francisco-based startup Spire has developed a wearable device that not only measures the user’s movements and location, but also tracks their breathing patterns.

Spire is an activity tracker that monitors the wearer’s respiration and works with an accompanying app to provide the wearer with insights about their daily activity, stress levels and state of mind. It monitors breathing without touching the wearer’s skin, and the app gives tips and suggestions to help the wearer control their stress levels. The app can give users info about their progress against their daily or weekly goals, or alert them to take a break and do breathing exercises.

The device has the usual sensors, including an accelerometer, found in most activity trackers so that it can track the user’s steps and when they’re standing up, sitting down, or lying down. According to the startup’s website, the average person is active only about 14% of a day and the company is targeting the remaining 86%.


The principles of Spire are based on sound science, according to the company. The device processes the user’s data with proprietary algorithm and detects the respiratory movement of the user’s body. A person’s respiration is one of the body’s functions that are affected by a change in their state of mind, and also one of the things that one can control to calm the mind. By notifying users when they are exhibiting signs of stress, and suggesting ways to relax, Spire hopes to improve users health.


Spire has a battery that can last for up to a week and t can be charged wirelessly in less than three hours using the charging pad that comes with it. The Spire app currently works with iOS at the moment, but the developers are hard at work on an Android version.


Source: Recode

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