Room-Sized Bubbles Served Up for Portable Luxury

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CasaBubble's inflatable structures offer hotel-like luxury anywhere, from beach to backyard.

Janet Burns
  • 9 july 2014

Serious naturalists and tree house alumni alike can experience wilderness beauty without sacrificing the comforts of climate-controlled civilization. With CasaBubble’s range of inflatable ‘bubble rooms,’ a wide range of customers — from casual campers to boutique businesses — are exploring the out-of-doors from within portable indoor spaces, and bridging the line between them.

Founded by French designers Frédéric Richard and Pierre-Stéphane Dumas, CasaBubble creates a variety of inflatable structures designed to have minimal impact on the environment while offering the maximum ability to observe and experience nature. As Richard and Dumas explain on the company’s website, they believe the convenience of portable CasaBubbles is “consistent with a macroeconomic approach on [a] human scale that seeks to ease the pressure of construction while protecting the natural environment,” and in turn offers an “interesting possibility for eco-tourism.”

CasaBubble as Cabin

While inflatable architecture is not a new idea, Richard and Dumas have integrated fresh technologies to make their creation practical and and environmentally conscious. CasaBubble structures — which can include a combination of clear and partially obscured rooms and passageways — are mostly composed of recycled, UV-treated, fire-resistant PVC, and center around spheroid main rooms being continuously inflated by gentle pressure from silent turbines. These energy-efficient turbines also serve to filter and recycle the air inside the bubbles, removing allergens and would-be pests and regulating the temperature.

However, while the bubble rooms may be technically innovative, their shape is perhaps the most charming and intriguing feature to CasaBubble renters and owners. As Micheal Sylvester, managing director of Dwell on Design, noted to the LA Times after a 2012 design exhibition, “[T]here’s something about bubbles and air and transparency in a structure that fascinate[s] everyone … [T]here’s an improbability about them that almost seems like magic.”

Beyond offering insect-free outdoor living, CasaBubbles may also offer a variety of other bubble-related benefits for both vacationers and business meeting-goers; as the CasaBubble creators suggest,

[A] spherical structure has an astonishing acoustic effect. Noises outside are muffled and sounds inside bounce back to the center of the sphere so that people instinctively speak more softly. The sphere has a calming effect and generates a feeling of well-being.

More information on CasaBubbles, the technology filling them up, and purchasing can be found here.

Images: CasaBubble, Philippe Huguen, Frances Schultz


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