$1.3 Million Wooden Surfboard Rides Waves At 35MPH

$1.3 Million Wooden Surfboard Rides Waves At 35MPH
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Roy Stuart's Rampant 10'6" surfboard uses advanced hydrodynamics to amplify the surfing experience.

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 july 2014

Roy Stuart, a New Zealand-based surfboard craftsman with two decades of experience, has designed the most expensive surfboard in the world, which has been launched for the price of $1.3 million. The product of twenty years of water-testing development, the Rampant 10’6″ is a luxurious board that weighs 31 pounds and enables surfers to ride waves at up to 35 miles per hour.


Stuart used advanced hydrodynamics to design the wooden surfboard, which greatly amplifies the surfing experience. The Rampant 10’6″ features carefully selected materials for optimal buoyancy and smooth riding. It is coated with 23-carat gold dragon inlay and laminated with red resin. Yellow resin was then added to fill in the shapes before gold leaf was layered on.


The wooden surfboard boasts an unusual-looking Vort-X fin: a unique 6 inch, scalloped trailing edge, double laminar flow foiled, heart kahikatea wood tunnel fin. This helps deliver a high performance ride of impressive ease and comfort. Surfers can leave competitors in their wake, while making it seem to onlookers as though they’re exerting little effort, thanks to the user-friendly surfing experience. Stuart explains the details on his site:

Of all possible fin setups, single finned surfboards have the smoothest and most predictable response. The Vort-X plus one fin configuration effectively supercharges the single fin without changing the beautiful handling qualities which the time honoured single is renowned for. The rail to rail action when the board rolls during turns is completely unaffected by the half round pipe section of the Vort-X tunnel. The axis of rotation of the tubular fin is aligned with the axis of the surfboard hull, so there is no added resistance to roll and the tunnel equipped board retains its singlefinesque effortless turning and trimming capability.


The tunnel fin provides added dynamic planing lift, which allows the use of a narrow tail in the hull while retaining the lift of a wide tailed hull. This results in incredible drive, rapid acceleration on take-off and a high top-end speed, all with a classic single fin ride. The Rampant 10’6″ promises no fuss and no handling anomalies, just an exhilarating easy glide in all wave conditions.

Roy Stuart

[h/t] Luxury Insider

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