Russian Animator Visualizes Futurama In 3D Short Film


Planet Express ship takes on a battle-hardened look in revamped opening sequence

Ross Brooks
  • 18 july 2014

For those who don’t know, Futurama is a TV series that follows the adventures of a late-20th-century New York City pizza delivery boy after he’s accidentally cryogenically frozen for one thousand years. It’s characterized by its adult humor, alien environments, and colorful animation style – or at least it was until Moscow-based Alexy Zakharov recreated the opening sequence in stunning 3D.

Zakharov, who specializes in digital art and animation, used programs such as 3Dsmax, Nuke, After Effects and Photoshop to create the clip. It includes all the important details such as the Tube Transport System and holographic advertisement for Mom’s Friendly Robot Company found in the original.

One particular aspect that the digital artist payed attention to is the Planet Express ship, which looks like a much more battle-hardened version of the one featured in the original show. There are plenty of pictures on Zakharov’s Behance which show just how much effort he put into rendering the ship.


Futurama was originally created by Matt Groening, the same man responsible for the Simpsons, and aired from 1999 until 2003 before it was cancelled. Owing to its cult status, the show returned in 2008, but will soon come to a permanent end in September of this year.


In the meantime, marvel at the exquisite work of Zakharov, and keep your fingers crossed for a full-length movie, which if done in 3D, would make for a whole new Futurama experience.


Alexy Zakharov


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