Samsung Challenges People to Test Their Waterproof Phone with #UnderwaterSelfie


The telecom giant puts their product to the ultimate test by asking people to take photos of themselves underwater with it

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 22 july 2014

Selfies — love them or hate them, it seems the self-photographing trend is here to stay for the long haul. Samsung certain thinks so, as they recently challenged people to take some rather extreme selfies with their new phones. How extreme? By taking the photo while being submerged completely underwater, without destroying the phone itself. It might seem like an impossible test, but Samsung’s Galaxy S5 can stand up to the challenge.

In the video above, Samsung challenged people to take a dive in Lake Zurich in Switzerland in order to take an underwater selfie. A diver would approach someone sitting by the edge of the lake, handing them a ringing phone. From there, someone on the other line would tell them they could keep the brand new Galaxy S5 in their hands. The catch? They had to take a selfie in the lake, which was only 8-degree Celsius (that’s about 46 degree Fahrenheit for those using the other side of the thermometer). Once they took off their clothes, jumped in and snapped a pic, they would receive a new, and dry, Samsung phones.

In addition to its temporary water resistance, the Galaxy S5 comes with HDR for better photos, fast auto focus, an ultra power saving mode, heart rate sensor, finger scanner, multi-input multi out-put, dust resistance and a 5.1″ HD AMOLED display. There’s a lot more going for than just being able to stand up to a little water, and is a serious competitor to the iPhone.

The waterproofing might just be a gimmicky feature but it is one that could prove useful in everyday situations. After all, this means Samsung users will never have to throw the devices in bags or rice after accidentally falling in the pool, getting caught in a torrential downpour, or dropping it in the toilet. Plus, practicality aside, the photos do look pretty cool. If you’re lucky enough to have this phone, you can take a dive and snap a picture of your own with the hashtag #underwaterselfie, no freezing Swiss lakes required.


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