Shutterstock Dreams Up Ailments Plaguing Our Favorite Superheroes

Shutterstock Dreams Up Ailments Plaguing Our Favorite Superheroes
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Comic prescriptions help heal crime fighters like Professor X and the Hulk

Rachel Oliner, PSFK
  • 24 july 2014

What do Batman, Iron Man, and the X-Men have in common? Sure, they all possess incredible powers that separate them from the common man, as well as the desire to fight crime every waking moment of their lives. But, underneath the masks, secret identities, and seemingly bottomless bank accounts lies a group of people, a set of humans no different than you or I.

To commemorate the annual gathering of every comic book, sci-fi and fantasy geek at Comic-Con in San Diego this week, Shutterstock imagines the faux ailments that might plague some of our favorite heroes. Tapping British illustrator Ryan Quickfall, Shutterstock’s series, “RxMen: Comical Cures For Super Symptoms,” pulls back the curtain and reveals the weaknesses affecting heroes like the Hulk and Tony Stark. The fake treatments – like Cerebrex to treat Professor X’s migraines and insomnia medication for Bruce Wayne – show that even superheroes need something to help them during times of great duress.

bruce wayne.jpg


While this branded content series puts a new spin on some old tropes, it also represents an innovative way for Shutterstock to advertise its products. Each of the illustrations makes use of Shutterstock assets, which can conveniently be found in the RxMen Lightbox.

Having gone public in 2012, Shutterstock has seen steady growth; with over 30 million digital photos, the company sells three shots every second around the world. Consumers are shifting their usage and browsing behaviors to mobile more and more, and with that shift comes an increased desire and need for visual imagery. Displacing more expensive and “ancient” rivals like Getty Images, Shutterstock is in a ripe place to reap the benefits of an ever-increasing digital world.

Shutterstock // RxMen

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