The Simpsons Characters As Wine Bottles

The Simpsons Characters As Wine Bottles

The classic, beloved show inspires minimalist design for wine

Michael Ellenbogen
  • 22 july 2014

For most consumers, packaging is a very important element not only in the decision-buying process, but also the consuming experience. Proper labeling, displaying of ingredients and typical marketing techniques are used as a mechanism to obtain trust; doing things differently, in a sophisticated and smart manner can be the make or break between whether a buyer re-purchases the brand or product again. So what if designers and marketers thought of product branding, labeling and packaging contrarily? Spontaneously?


Designers Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich unwittingly decided to test the theory over 25 years ago with “Wine, or maybe not?”, a special wine bottle packaging inspired by the famous cartoon The Simpsons including colors from Marge and Homer Simpson, which simultaneously also comes together with painter and artist Piet Mondrian’s work of the 80’s.



Created to invite people to consider as to whether the bottle’s contents are, each bottle is designed differently to denote speculative various flavors and systems that work both with the art and The Simpsons‘ cartoon colors.


What make the designs so unique are its abilities to stay timeless, and the seamlessness to synergize two completely different characteristics of then-modern media scenes, art and television.


The contents have been kept secret for 26 years, which makes the unique design even more captivating.

Constantin Bolimond /  Dmitry Patsukevich 

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