Smoothie Packaging Concept Reinterprets How Ingredients Are Displayed


Transparent design offers people more informed buying decisions

Ross Brooks
  • 15 july 2014

Figuring out exactly what’s in our food and drink is no easy task, unless we’re talking about Francesco Bianchi‘s packaging design for an imaginary smoothie brand that cuts through all the noise. Located in Australia, “Green Ratio” is a health-focused idea that displays ingredients as percentages, and includes essential calorific information to make sure you know what’s going into your body.

Bianchi’s fictitious company allows you to customize your drink by selecting the ingredients and their proportions. These are then displayed prominently on the packaging so you know that when you asked for 17% banana, there is actually 17% banana in the smoothie.

Apart from numbers, the smoothie cups themselves feature graphical representations of different fruit combinations to reinforce the theme. The use of colors to represents different fruits also extends across other area of the brand’s identity, for example, posters and fliers.

Green Ratio was developed by Bianchi during his Major Project class at Raffles College of Design and Commerce in Sydney. As he describes on the project page:

The name “Green Ratio” derives from the golden ratio, which is universally known as the proportion of beauty and harmony. Therefore “Green Ratio” can be read in different levels: it represents the perfection of the product related to the green/natural side, but also suggests the idea of proportion, that is linked to the custom made value of the brand.

To finish off the cohesive theme, Bianchi made sure to include a percentage sign as part of the company’s logo, which is a subtle reference to the golden ratio.

Instead of browsing through a long list of ingredients and wondering how much of each is actually in the product you’re about to buy, Green Ratio aims to deliver a completely transparent experience. Obviously, it might not work as well with other areas of retail, but the more companies that are willing to expose everything are also the ones most likely to gain their customers’ trust.

Francesco Bianchi

[h/t} The Die Line

Images by Francesco Bianchi

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