Social Good Generator Pulls from Humanitarian Words and Phrases

Social Good Generator Pulls from Humanitarian Words and Phrases
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Latin filler text replaced by socially conscious paragraphs that inspire readers towards a more compassionate world

Simone Spilka
  • 29 july 2014

Social Good Ipsum is a subtle way we can all incorporate more philanthropic ways of thinking into our everyday lives. Hyperakt Labs, a social impact design studio, launched a unique filler text for designers and editors filled with words and paragraphs that reflect social good.

Social Good Ipsum Filler Text

Whether you need 100 words or five paragraphs, the placeholder grabs words and phrases from the humanitarian world of social responsibility. The designers aimed to create something simple to use with positive and lighthearted results for the readers. With words such as “altruism think tank sustainability collaborative consumption free expression save the world liberal honesty protect international development connect,” its hard to not act through a more compassionate lens.

Rather than the nonsense Latin text that no one understands, Social Good Ipsum provides a shoestring of dummy text meant to motivate readers towards a greater awareness of social consciousness. It serves the same purpose as Lorem Ispum, but with copy typical of non-profit and charity organizations. Simply plug in the number of words or paragraphs necessary to fill usually serious or heavy content, and fill your comps with compassion.

Give it a spin and become inspired to better humanity.

Social Good Ipsum // Hyperakt

[h/t] Fast Design

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