FoodBeast asked Starbucks baristas in California to make up their own signature drink, with calorific and delicious results.

With latte art and robotic baristas, we have seen creativity grow leaps and bounds in the coffee world but what about the poor Starbucks barista, stuck making the same Skinny Large No Foam Latte for days on end? Food website FoodBeast decided to test the creativity of the baristas from local Starbucks stores in Santa Ana, California, asking them to create an off-the-drink menu and the results were weird, wonderful and awfully tasting sounding.

Working from drinks already on the menu, the baristas turned it up to 11 to make concoctions you wish were written on the blackboard. There's the LA Smog, a Green Tea Frappuccino that has been transformed with added mocha syrup and java chips to replicate the hazy smoggy LA sky, which inspired its creation.

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