Superhero Cologne Bottle Concept Lets You Smell Like Your Favorite Characters

Superhero Cologne Bottle Concept Lets You Smell Like Your Favorite Characters
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These superhero serum bottles might not give off superpowers, but having a vial might make you feel like you do

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 22 july 2014

The recent success of the Marvel movies (The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, etc.), the hit ABC show Agents of Shield, and the highly anticipated Justice League film have brought a new attention to the superheros many of us invested a lot of time and energy into growing up. Whether you only read the comic books or went as far as collecting capes, action figures, and first editions- everyone had a favorite Marvel or DC character at once point in their lives or another. The reason for this is simple, to some degree we all want to be greater than what we are, and superheros allow us to see ourselves in people capable of doing amazing things.

As an experiment, design firm Animink came up with a series of conceptual superhero ‘serum’ cologne bottles that imagine what our favorite characters might smell like. The company approached the designs from a brand standpoint- creating the bottles in 3D so that each pays homage to a specific superhero. The series includes bottles for Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, The Flash, Wolverine, and Iron Man. In addition to making the bottles themselves reminiscent of the characters (Captain America’s, for example, looks like his shield), each cologne has a name that describes the hero: The Hulk’s is called ‘Rage,’ The Flash’s is called ‘Velocity,’ and Spiderman’s is called ‘Web.’ Animink images they would be sold at Nordstrom, and has released pictures of the bottles designed to look like cologne advertisements one might find in a magazine.


Thought the bottles are only a concept design, Animink is feeling out how they are being received. The website says they are very interested in hearing feedback, and might be interested in creating a similar set of designs for heroines and villains. With superheros being so hot right now, however, it’s not hard to believe products similar could hit the market in the near future. If so, everyone could be a superhero… if only for a few hours.


[h/t] Geekology

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