Taco Bell Arcade Game Simulates Waiting for Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos

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The Mexican fast food chain is finally bringing an end to the wait for these tasty tacos by asking fans to wait a little more

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 21 july 2014

The Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco might seem like just a regular fast food taco in a specially flavored shell, but for Canadian Taco Bell fanatics it is an option not available on their local menus. The wait is finally over, or at least almost. Taco Bell invited its fans to come and play the waiting game for this tasty taco, literally.

The Waiting Game is not just a phrase, but an actual arcade game that patrons of Canadian Taco Bells can play. Once they choose an avatar, they stand in line waiting to order a taco, occasionally looking at their watches or chewing bubble gum. Once the reach the cashier at the head of the line, their patience is rewarded by getting a free coupon for a Cool Ranch Doritos Locos taco before anyone else has the chance to grab one. If the video above is to be believed, they seem pretty excited to have the ranch-flavored delicacy in their hands, or rather, on their taste buds.

The machine and campaign were designed by Canadian ad agency Grip Limited, as a way to capitalize According to a press release about the campaign, Taco Bell was sure that it’s devoted following would come take part in the game:

Few brands have followers that tweet, post, and Snapchat seven days a week with photos of their product. Let alone fans that would get a tattoo of a taco to prove their loyalty. The Waiting Game was another perfect way to show off this unique devotion. Only Taco Bell fans would play the world’s most boring video game to completion — providing of course there was a Cool Ranch DLT as their reward.

While it’s true that people hate waiting, it seems like these Canadian customers were willing to bid their time for a chance to have a taste of what Americans had been feasting on across the border for some time. Yo quiero Taco Bell indeed.

Taco Bell – The Waiting Game

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