The Take-Out Box Gets An Elegant Redesign


Swedish designer Gustav Karlsson creates a new eco-friendly version that can be carried like a lunch box.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 2 july 2014

We are already familiar with the typical styrofoam and plastic take-out containers or the iconic paperboard Chinese take-out box, and though their designs are enough to fulfill their basic function they are not exactly environment-friendly.

So Swedish graphic design student Gustav Karlsson redesigned the take-out box to create an eco-friendly version that is inspired by vintage camera bags.

Karlsson created the design for Kino, a vegetarian restaurant, bar and cinema located in Sweden. The establishment is launching their takeaway service and Karlsson was tasked to create a design that was appropriate to their cuisine. According to the designer’s Behance page, the focus was on sustainability and customer experience, as well as a strong graphic identity that fits with Kino’s current branding and image.

The designer created three types of take-out containers: One for the main course, one for soups and stews, and one for breads and salads. The containers come in three different sizes and have an integrated handle consisting of two pieces that connect in the middle. The take-out containers can be attached or looped onto each other to allow users to carry more than one container using a single top handle.

The take-out container is made of a starch-lined sustainable sourced paper that is completely composable. The container is also microwave-safe unlike the styrofoam ones and those take-out boxes with wire handles.

Karlsson’s take-out container has a top that is easy to close and open. It also has a perforation around the body so that it can be turned into a plate by removing the top part.

The take-out container has a plain tan color on the outside, but the inside is covered in a colorful pop art print featuring drawings of different vegetables, representing Kino’s type of cuisine.

Karlsson’s redesign of the take-out container shows that even something as ordinary and overlooked as a take-out box can be redesigned into something beautiful and even fun.

Gustav Karlsson

Source: Co.Design

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