Brainwave Lotus Blooms When You Relax, Helping Meditation Practice

Brainwave Lotus Blooms When You Relax, Helping Meditation Practice

The handcrafted brass flower uses a brain-sensing headset to help users relax.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 1 july 2014

The fact that meditating has some physical and mental benefits is nothing new and many people already incorporate meditation in their daily routine to help themselves relax and become more productive. These days, however, it can be a challenge to find time to slow down and meditate.

That’s where The Lotus comes in handy – by acting as a visual reminder for users to take a moment to meditate. The Lotus also acts as a visual presentation of the user’s mind during their meditation session.

The handcrafted meditation tracker uses a brainwave-sensing headset that connects to the accompanying app to detect when the user is calm and relaxed. Using biosensor technology, the brass flower reads the user’s brainwaves and then opens up when it senses that the user is relaxed. It blooms and starts cycling through various colors as the user meditates. After some time, the Lotus gradually closes to signal that it’s time for the user to start meditating again.

The Lotus can also be used with a meditation buddy. The user simply has to choose a color for their friend and they will be able to see updates of their friend’s progress as well as their own. The user will see their friend’s color glow from the Lotus and, in turn, their friend will also see the user’s color on their Lotus device. That way, they can follow each other’s progress and encourage each other when one falls behind on their habit.

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The brass flower is handcrafted by artisans in India and integrated with cutting edge neurotechnology, biosensors, and 3D-printed components to create a device that combines art with neuroscience. The Lotus is also open source to allow artists and designers to create their own version. The detailed 3D models of the flower petals and other hardware component are available for download and can be re-shaped and printed as they see fit.

The Lotus was developed by the Mindfulness Inc. team, which includes neuroscientist and Brainbot founder Rohan Dixit, multi-award winning artist Shilo Shiv Suleman, and serial technologist and Puzzlebox founder Steve Castellotti.

The team has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Lotus. For $99, backers can pre-order the Lotus 2015 edition alone, without a headset, or opt for the $199 package which includes the Lotus 2015 edition and a NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile EEG. Estimated shipping is September 2015. The team is also doing a limited production run of Lotus flowers that are completely 3D-printed and assembled by hand to be shipped by end of the year. The Kickstarter campaign ends on July 23.

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The Lotus

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