Tic Tac Ads Pay Homage To Retro Video Games

Tic Tac Ads Pay Homage To Retro Video Games

A series of ads for the mints reinterpret popular games like Pac Man, Snake, and Arkanoid.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 31 july 2014

Created by Miami Ad School/ESPM, an advertising campaign for popular mints Tic Tac pays tribute to the retro video game era by recreating the games with mints.

The series of print ads reinterpret games like Pac Man, Snake, and Arkanoid using Tic Tac mints in various colors.

In the ad featuring Pac Man, blue Tic Tac mints make up the maze while Pac Man is made up of, what else, but yellow Tic Tacs. Yellow Tic Tacs also make up the pac-dots that Pac Man has to gobble up while red Tic Tacs serve as the power pellets that allow Pac Man to also gobble up its enemies, depicted in the ad by green, white, and pink Tic Tacs. Of course, Pac Man’s base in the middle of the maze is shown as a Tic Tac pack.

In the ad poster featuring the video game Snake, classic white Tic Tac mints make up the snake and a single red Tic Tac as the apple.


In the poster featuring Arkanoid, Tic Tacs in blue, green, pink, yellow, white and red are stacked in six rows as the bricks and a white Tic Tac serves as the ball. The top of a white Tic Tac pack serves as the paddle.

Each of the posters in the ad series comes with the tagline, “Refreshing fun since 1969.” Though the ads play on nostalgia and recall video games that most kids these days don’t recognize anymore, the concept itself still brings something fresh and relevant today.

The Tic Tac brand is no stranger to using games for its marketing campaigns. The brand has released a slew of mobile games and apps to engage its consumers in the last few years. In 2012, the brand released a series of interactive ads and mobile experiences for its Shake It Up campaign. The campaign was launched with the release of the Tic Tac Viewr app which lets consumers interact with the outdoor ads or a Tic Tac pack by holding up their smart device over the ads and packages. The Tic Tac Viewr app also features micro games for users to enjoy.

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