Tide Makes Stain Removal Infographic For The Messiest “Game Of Thrones” Season

Tide Makes Stain Removal Infographic For The Messiest “Game Of Thrones” Season

The clothing detergent brands takes a look at one of the bloodiest seasons of HBO's hit show.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 2 july 2014

Everyone, even people who don’t adamantly watch the show, know that “Game of Thrones” is a bloody, gory, mud-filled mess, which only makes it more surprising that their clothes stay so impeccably clean. But the Westerosi might have gotten even dirtier this season, and thankfully Tide already has a neatly organized infographic to prove it.

The clothing detergent company released an image just after the season finale recounting the dirtiest moments of the fourth season (no, not that kind of dirty the show also specializes in). There were 752 stains in the last ten episode saga, with the overwhelming majority being blood, with dirt and food coming in as distant second and third. The graphic even breaks down the stain by episode, like a laundry-centric recap, and even the most and least used stain makers, with nails and crosses disturbingly winning out.

While the amount of stains created in an episode might seem trivial and obsessive, Tide knew how to make the show’s gritty and grimy aesthetic work for their product. After all, there’s not much different between a grass stain from a rousing game of soccer and one from battling The Hound on a grassy mountainside.

Tide has proved that not only do they know “Game of Thrones,” but get more points for being bold enough to try to integrate the bloodbath of a show with their family friendly brand.


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