Premier Fashion Designer Releases Sleek Fitbit Accessory

Premier Fashion Designer Releases Sleek Fitbit Accessory
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Tory Burch shows off results of partnership with popular health-tracking tech

Hilary Weaver
  • 18 july 2014

At the Withings Activité release party in June, Nina Garcia told PSFK that she sees a future where wearable tech is the fashion norm. Designer Tory Burch is working to make that prediction a reality with the release of her new Fitbit accessory.

The fashion designer’s new take on the exercise tracking device allows wearers to insert their tracking device into the designed bracelet or necklace. The bracelet, which retails for $195, encases the Fitbit in a sleek design that can be worn with business casual or formal wear, while still recording the everyday fitness of the wearer. The necklace, which sells at $175, features the same solid brass design with the Tory Burch signature fretwork.


Mashable announced Tory Burch’s partnership with Fitbit in this story at the beginning of 2014. The fashion company announced that it thought the partnership would help advance the future of tech in fashion. Last summer, Fitbit released the Fitbit Flex, which communicated the company’s fashion-forward vision. The new Tory Burch line has helped FitBit take that step into the future of fashion and tech fusion, and that step is surely just the beginning.





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