Italia Independent launches eyewear you can sit on without breaking

It's easy to find cheap and easy sunglasses while on vacation, but most people like to dig a little deeper and splash out on a designer pair. The only problem is that forgetfulness, back pockets, and sitting down is all it take to put an end to their short-lived existence. If you've ever experience this problem, then you will want to check out Italia Independent‘s I-Ultra sunglasses, a pair made entirely from rubber that are still fitted with high-quality lenses.

The company claims their glasses are made from a material that's never been used before in the world of eyewear. It goes by the name XL-EXTRALIGHT, but for all intents and purposes you can just say it's rubber. What's important to remember is that the frames can be bent in any direction without breaking, making them immune to your back pocket, or the backsides of anyone else who decides to sit on them.

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