Toyota Campaign Transforms Children’s Dream Car Art Into Vines


Kids around the world reveal their visions for the future of mobility through imaginative vehicle drawings.

Emma Hutchings
  • 15 july 2014

Toyota’s ‘Dream Car of the Day‘ campaign, which has been created in partnership with the agency Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon, provides access to the perspective of children from around the world. A series of ninety Vine videos have been created in order to bring their imaginative drawings of vehicles to life.

Toyota asked children to submit drawings of what their dream car of the future would look like for the art contest. A huge number took part, with over 660k kids aged 4-15 years old from more than 75 countries sharing their different creations. The car manufacturer was pleased to find out that many children designed vehicles which offered solutions to global issues, and they wanted to show off this raw and creative talent in a unique new way.


For the first time in ten years, Toyota decided to bring its Dream Car Art Contest online, utilizing the Vine platform to turn the childrens’ dreams into a reality. Starting in June, a six-second video has been released each day for ninety days as part of the campaign.

Along with the innovative use of Vine to showcase the artwork, the agency’s creative team employed various complex methods to transform the drawings into visually immersive, fully realized creations. They used CGI, 3D printed models, paper cut-outs, stop motion animation, amongst other techniques.


The ‘Dream Car of the Day’ campaign will culminate in September with the announcement of the art contest’s winners. Thirty finalists from all over the world will be flown to Japan to attend the awards ceremony. Until then, the ninety semi-finalists will be featured as a “Hero of the Day” on the dedicated website, along with their original artwork and accompanying Vine video.

You can visit the site to view all the inspirational creations, which includes a wide variety of colorful and imaginative designs offering solutions to global issues. After meeting a new hero for the day, or exploring previous entries, you can ‘like’ an artwork to play the associated Vine video and share it with friends.


+Saatchi & Saatchi

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