Vibrant Creative Workspace Facade Features Colorful Handmade Tiles

Vibrant Creative Workspace Facade Features Colorful Handmade Tiles
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Yardhouse is a prototype for new-build studios, made with simple wood post and beam structures

Leah Gonzalez
  • 22 july 2014

London-based design and architecture collective Assemble designed and built a prototype affordable workspace called Yardhouse, which features a unique facade covered with colorful concrete handmade tiles.

The building was designed in such a way that it helps promote a sociable and collaborative work environment. Yardhouse has two stories and a three-aisled structure design. The aisles on the sides are designed to hold 16 individual studio spaces and they open to a double-height common area where people can interact with each other.

The studio spaces are created without partitions, but they are designed to be flexible enough so that the occupants can customize them to their needs or preferences. Tenants can rent and combine adjacent spaces and even opt to enclose them if they want more privacy.

The building is constructed with simple wood post and beam structures that resemble a barn-like frame. The main structure is enclosed by insulated panels. The tiles that cover the facade of the building, facing the Sugarhouse Yard, were handmade on site.


The Yardhouse project shows how short-term vacancies can be taken advantage of and transformed into temporary work places. The main intention of Yardhouse was to create a cost-effective and resourceful way of constructing temporary and inspiring workspaces. The structure is designed in a way that it can be easily disassembled and assembled in another location if needed.

The structure, which covers 250 square meters of space, was built with off-the-shelf materials and constructed using an economic approach, but it was still built with ceiling heights and a layout suitable for creative uses at a cost more reasonable than a typical new build.

The prototype workspace building was built for £80,000. The project was jointly funded by the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) as a pilot for new affordable creative workspace planned for the Olympic Park.

Yardhouse is a new annex building in Sugarhouse Studios, a collaborative studio and events space that is built and managed by Assemble. The space currently houses around 40 artists and designers, and is located in Stratford High Street.



Source: Dezeen

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