Indestructible Bible Designed to Withstand the Elements and Last Forever

Indestructible Bible Designed to Withstand the Elements and Last Forever
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A tome that "literally walks on water"is waterproof, dirt-proof and tear-proof

Emma Hutchings
  • 21 july 2014

The Forever Bible is touted as indestructible, “a Bible that literally walks on water.” Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, the book is said to be waterproof, dirt-proof, tear-proof and more. It is capable of withstanding the elements so it is guaranteed to last forever. The aims is to create a Bible that will last readers a lifetime amid traveling, accidents and whatever else is thrown at it.

The first Bible in history built to last forever, this project presents the most popular book of all time in a new way. A message of hope, love and eternal strength, there are well over six billion copies around the world. This version has been printed using the best materials that exist today.

Space Age nanotechnology was utilized to print the Bible–which is also twenty-four times stronger than regular paper–on an advanced paper that doesn’t use any trees. The tome floats on water, while keeping notes and highlighted passages pristine. It holds tightly onto its pages using a superior, patented dual-binding process.


The book features resilient pages, steadfast binding, and an ulta-crisp font. It has been built to last no matter where the owner’s life takes them; an all-conditions Bible for any terrain. There are three cover designs to choose from for the Forever Bible. These incorporate modern design elements and commemorate Bibles from the past. It has also been printed in the most popular translations: the King James Version, the New International Version, and the English Standard Version.

Celebrating the Bible, Forever Publishing in New York thought it would be a good idea to have the Kickstarter campaign run for forty days and forty nights. Everyone’s pledge items will be delivered in December, in time for Christmas. Those who offer their support in reaching the $30,000 goal will be helping to make the Forever Bible accessible to people all over the world. The ‘Running with God’ and ‘Missionary Leather’ editions are available for a pledge of $40.

The Forever Bible


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