World Cup Logo And On-Screen Assets Get A Flat Redesign For An Updated Television-Viewing Experience

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Illustrators have mocked up a concept redesign reminiscent of Jony Ive’s flat design for iOS 7.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 july 2014

Creative team Guus ter Beek and Tayfun Bier, London-based illustrator and designer Jordon Cheung, and digital illustration agency George Gates Represent have created a concept that revamps the logo and interface design of the World Cup 2014.

According to Guus ter Beek, “There’s plenty of good, functional design at the World Cup. But one important part of the World Cup, the way games are presented on TV, could use some work.” Ter Beek and Bier enlisted the help of Cheung and George Gates and the team opted for a flat design for the World Cup logo and current interface design.

The first thing that the team tackled was the clock display showing the running time of the game as well as the teams and scores. The designers wanted to make the time display clearer and the team colors more distinct and reflective of their uniform colors so viewers won’t get confused about who’s who on the field. The current interface shows the teams’ flags but sometimes both teams can have the same national colors.

The designers also included a white timeline around the clock to provide a visual of how much time is left. They also put in a touch of interactivity to the clock display and added a red visual timeline to reflect the last few seconds of a game.

The redesigned interface included in-game notifications in white and black squares to display any important calls on the field, like when a player gets a yellow card or when players are being substituted during the game. The notifications consist of a simple icon and the player’s name and team.

The team also added in infographics that display interesting bits of information like the temperature at the venue, the local time, and the number of people in attendance for a game. The graphics can be displayed just before the game starts to give viewers an idea of the situation in Brazil.

In addition, the design team designed graphics showing ball possession during the game and the team formation or positions on the field.

The design team created a mock-up that is intended to offer fans a better overall experience, visually and interactively. The redesign aims to enhance their viewing of live game updates on their devices.

World Redesigning The WorldCup 2014 Brazil

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