Wrigley’s Orbit Coffee Cup Sleeve Gives Customers Clean Teeth On The Go

Wrigley’s Orbit Coffee Cup Sleeve Gives Customers Clean Teeth On The Go

A gum company is attaching free sample of their product to help customers get rid of coffee breath after their usual morning cup.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 15 july 2014

People in all walks of life carry tons of products with them to keep their foul breath from ruining interviews, parties or just day-to-day interactions. But among the mints, strips and sprays, gum is the most powerful, and popular, of the odor-killing products. South African coffee seller, Seattle Coffee Co. has teamed up Wrigley’s Orbit gum to help customers start the day energized and fresh, ready to face whatever challenges arise.

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With the help of South African advertising agency DDB and design studio Tag 8, Seattle Coffee Co is adding new coffee cup sleeves with individual samples of Orbit’s gum. The campaign, exclusive to South Africa, is called “Coffee On The Go, Clean Teeth On The Go.” Through this direct-marketing technique, Wrigley is trying to bridge the gap between coffee drinkers and gum chewers. A statement from the company read:

“We designed a customized coffee cup sleeve and cup tag solution for delivering a sample pack of gum to every customer when purchasing a cup of coffee from Seattle in order to share the clean teeth feeling with every customer purchasing a coffee during winter.”

The design by Tag 8 features the gum integrated directly into the sleeve, with a doodle of a man reaching for it with one hand, a cup of coffee in the other. The design is modern yet simple, letting both products speak for themselves rather than relying entirely on the art of the sleeve. The concept also makes the combination of the gum and coffee less jarring, since it can be handed off to a customer singlehandedly, rather than adding it later just for the sample to be forgotten or lost in a bag or pocket.

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While there’s no word as to when these coffee sleeves will be available in stores, or if Wrigley is planning on working with other international coffee brewers to continue this marketing strategy, but here’s hoping Starbucks is taking notes. A nice stick of gum would prevent a lot of coffee breath-related awkwardness at work.

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[h/t] The Dieline

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