Share Your Emotions with Friends By Taking a Selfie On a Facial Recognition App

Share Your Emotions with Friends By Taking a Selfie On a Facial Recognition App

Xpress can automatically detect how you're feeling and lets you share moments with others.

Emma Hutchings
  • 18 july 2014

The upcoming Xpress app uses facial recognition technology to automatically detect people’s emotions. Users can then share this information with their friends though the app. It enables them to share moments and videos and then adds an emotional layer on top of that by letting them take a selfie of an expression to convey how they feel about it.

A person’s uploaded moments are added to a ‘Feelboard’ so they can share what they have experienced and also share their sentiments about it. The new app lets people share their emotions, using special technology which has been developed by the Xpress team. It can detect what a person is feeling when they are taking a photo and they can express themselves by sharing with friends.

First of all, the user takes a picture of their current situation so others can see the experience which has evoked their emotion. This helps them to understand why the person is scared, happy, sad, angry, or however they are feeling. Then, they take a selfie with the front camera and the app automatically recognizes their expression to determine an emotion.


The Xpress app’s creators believe that emotions are a crucial part of our lives. We experience them every day and they are the essence of our conversations with close friends and family members. However, up to this point there wasn’t a medium focused on expressing and sharing emotions remotely in an easy way.

Xpress aims to be related to emotions in the same way that telephone is to voice and SMS is to text. It enables users to share their emotions, either with everyone or with just a few friends. It keeps privacy as a priority and all of the ‘Xpresses’ fade after twenty four hours, just like our emotions fade and change over time.

The app, which will be available for iOS this fall, also has a number of other interesting functions that help people express themselves. ‘Snapback’ allows users to quickly reply to someone else with a selfie, and you can “feel it” to co-experience the emotions of close friends.

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