Discover is a navigation tool that creates tactile maps based on surrounding topography

Jorge Trevino Blanco, a freelance industrial designer originally from Monterrey, Mexico, has developed a concept design for a 3D GPS handheld device that aims to help guide the visually-impaired by re-creating their surroundings on a pin surface.

The concept design, which Blanco calls Discover, uses pin-screen impression technology to create tactile 3D maps of the user's surrounding topography.

The device looks like a sleek remote control with a rectangular pin surface on the upper part of the top side of the gadget. Below the pin surface are six buttons that are labelled in Braille. The labels stand for “Discover,” “City,” “GPS,” “Read,” “Time,” and “Tag.” On the front end of the device is a camera that records the scene to be translated onto the pin surface. The underside of the device has a brilliant finish over matte finish for added grip on the surface. In addition, a thin wrist strap helps keep the device from falling from the user's grasp and possibly getting lost.

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