Omni3D’s AirEnergy 3D: Compact Enough to Fit into a Backpack

Omni3D’s AirEnergy 3D: Compact Enough to Fit into a Backpack

Portable, 3D-printed wind turbine produces up to 300W of power

Leah Gonzalez
  • 19 august 2014

Omni3D, a Poland-based company that manufactures 3D printers and printing materials, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for an open source, mobile, 3D-printed wind turbine called AirEnergy 3D.

AirEnergy 3D is a foldable wind turbine that can generate up to 300 W of power. The mobile wind turbine is small enough to fit in a backpack so that it can be easily carried from one location to another and assembled without the need for powertools.

The portable wind turbine is designed to be used as a source of power anywhere. Owners can set it up on their roof, balcony, backyard, or bring it with them when camping or hiking. Owners can use the power generated by the wind turbine on the spot or store it in a battery and save it for later.


Most of the parts of the portable wind turbine is 3D-printable. A basic kit comes with downloadable and editable 3D models of each of the required parts, as well as the parts that cannot be printed using a desktop 3D printer. The kit also comes with instructions on how to assemble the wind turbine.

Once the AirEnergy 3D is assembled and set up, the owner can charge their smartphone and other devices by plugging directly using the USB extension cord. AirEnergy 3D owners can use the device to charge a battery and they can also plug the device into a wall socket to power the entire house.


The creators of AirEnergy 3D have also made the energy generator open source because they want the technology to help people in developing regions create their own clean and renewable power sources.

The Kickstarter campaign has already raised more than half of its £19,000 goal with about a month to go. The Kickstarter price for an AirEnergy 3D basic kit started at £290 plus £50 for shipping outside the UK. As part of the campaign the company is also sending a fully functional AirEnergy 3D with pre-printed propellers to an African village for every £2,500 pledged. The campaign ends September 16th.

Omni3D plans to sell AirEnergy 3D basic kits at $350 per kit.

Take a look at the Kickstarter video here.


Source: Engadget

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