7-Eleven Converts Store into Pop-Up Chapel for Stockholm Pride Parade

7-Eleven Converts Store into Pop-Up Chapel for Stockholm Pride Parade

The convenience store chain let gay couples get married during the Swedish capital's pride parade

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 11 august 2014

When most people think of convenience store chain 7-Eleven, typically the images that come to mind are of ice cold slurpees, cheap beers, maybe even a snack or two for the road. What you might not associate with the legion of tiny stores are LGBT rights, but, just like when they have your favorite brand of corn nuts, this company is full of surprises.

7-Eleven turned its store in Sweden’s capital into a makeshift venue for any couple who wished to be wed during the pride parade. Sweden legalized gay marriage back in 2009, one of the very first countries to do so, along with The Netherlands and Spain. The 7-Eleven brand has also been pro-LGBT but now they put their money, or rather their store, where their mouth is.

All couples were invited to partake in the pop-up chapel, no matter what faith or religion they identified with. An Islamic lesbian couple was even able to be wed thanks to the presence of Imam Ludovic Mohamed Zahed, who is himself openly gay.

The event was the idea of Swedish marketing agency Wenderfalck, and has helped 7-Eleven’s reputation expand, from a supplier of junk food to a company that cares about the happiness and rights of all its customers. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “open for all,” which was the tagline for this event full of love. Hopefully these couples also got a Slurpee for two to celebrate their newly recited vows.

[h/t] Creativity Online, PRNewser

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