7 Items You Need to Know Today

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Tumblr starts scanning pics for brand affiliation clues, Google launches Website Call Conversions and Nextdoor gains favor in many American neighborhoods

Kiran Aditham
  • 19 august 2014

Offshore wind turbines are boosting use of undersea power cables. National Geographic News Daily

Google’s making it easier for advertisers to track ads that generate phone calls via its Website Call Conversions service. TechCrunch

Speaking of Google, the Mountain View, CA giant’s modular smartphone could prove quite beneficial to the military. Gizmodo

Let’s take a closer look into the world of Thrillist, shall we? Wired

The Obama administration is arguing that requiring vehicle-to-vehicle technology in new cars and light trucks could prevent accidents. Re/Code

Yahoo-owned Tumblr will now analyze photos posted on social media for brand-related data. Mashable

One in four American neighborhoods are reportedly using private social network Nextdoor, which is being billed as the “anti-Facebook.” The Verge



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