Now is the Time to Remain on the Facebook Bandwagon

Now is the Time to Remain on the Facebook Bandwagon

With the sudden Gen Z-shift away from the popular social platform, now is the perfect time for jumping on board -- or staying on.

Vincenzo Landino
  • 21 august 2014

I’ve been seeing a lot of people lately declaring their exit from the social network, Facebook. I thought nothing of it, until recently, a friend of mine wrote this article in regards to why he has decided to leave, and feels all should. His article reached over 13,000 people with hundreds of shares and comments in just over a day. Then I really started thinking, “I don’t agree and need to share why.”

TIME also recently wrote this piece on what happened after quitting Facebook cold turkey. I need to start by saying I don’t like to write rebuttals, however, on this topic, I had to add my $0.02. I also don’t condone irresponsibility with anything. Alcohol and Facebook are two things that one needs to consume responsibly.

Let’s forget the FarmVille requests and “chain posts” for the sake of discussing what the network is actually used for when used properly. From the top, here are seven reasons why I won’t be leaving Facebook any time soon.

  1. Social Equity: First, you might realize that Facebook is a social tool. If you register on Facebook and fill out your profile with detail, don’t be surprised if your relatives, old classmates and other ghosts from the past find you. In fact, they will find you. I’ve connected with family in Italy that I wouldn’t talk to nearly as often without Facebook. I’ve connected with former classmates that have turned into clients. In fact, those “old” friends and family could turn into your biggest advocates.
  2. Humanize Your Brand (or personal reputation): I am the single biggest proponent of displaying your brand 24/7. Whether you are working, at the gym, on vacation or on the links, you are always your brand (reputation). Over the years, there has been a shift from separating work life and personal life to a more open and blended culture. Its ok to share some vacation photos or that you’re at the game. Potential clients want to see someone that is well rounded. This goes without saying, but if you post photos of you downing 20 tequila shots Saturday night and forget to get that report in on Monday morning… you’re pretty much up sh*ts creek. I still vouch for being responsible is better than not having it at all.
  3. Syndicate Your Content: Get out from under the rock you’re living under if you aren’t blogging or creating your own content. With Facebook, you already have an audience that is (hopefully) listening. Get your blog out to those people.You also can stream your Twitter, Flickr, Digg and other accounts into Facebook. It’s up to you what you want to share or leave out.
  4. Raise Your Visibility: By consistently posting on Facebook, you are posting relevant information and creating a leadership position for yourself and your business.
  5. Transparency: If you do all the above, you can’t avoid transparency. “Transparency” is the business buzzword for the 21st century, and your participation in this arena will create synergy toward that goal for others.
  6. Security Options: As with all social networks, including LinkedIn, you can customize who you want to see your content. You can also turn on a feature that allows you to control posts that are put on your wall, photos you are tagged in and more. Use them! I do, and this is why Facebook doesn’t bother me as much as it does others. If there are brands or people I don’t want to hear from, I turn them off, mute them or unfollow them.
  7. Don’t Fool Yourself: This is probably shocking to many, but, if you think Facebook is the only network that collects your information, your head is in the sand. Every network uses your information in some way, shape or form. Do you use email? Ever notice the “customized” ads? Yea, they’re collecting your info too. Do you use Google Chrome? Foursquare? Hell, do you use a smartphone? Do you take pictures on your smartphone? Post them to Instagram? Information about you, geolocation information on your photos, browser cache and cookies (that have been around since the beginning of the internet) are all used to collect information about you.


As my nonna (pictured above, circa 2011, a very wise woman. Photo credit: Vincenzo Landino) always said to me, “quello che non fai, nessuno mai sapere.” Translation: “What you don’t do, no one will ever know.” Let that sink in for a second, and apply it to your social (media) life.

The same reasons I chose to pursue a career in social media are the same reasons why I myself won’t leave any of the networks I belong to. They are all important in their own way and come together to form a social strategy, be it for business or personal.

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