Acoustic iPhone Amps Designed as Functional Household Art

Acoustic iPhone Amps Designed as Functional Household Art
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Eight is a natural amplifier made with eco-friendly materials and comes in a timeless design

Leah Gonzalez
  • 18 august 2014

Created by Stark, a Slovakian designer of custom made-to-order speakers, Eight is a natural amplifier that is made out of premium grade wood and doesn’t require electricity or batteries to amplify the sound of your iPhone 5 and 5S.

The iPhone amp uses eco-friendly materials and has a conical shape that allows it to produce a perfect natural sound. The amplifier is cut from solid premium grade walnut with a front piece made of rare Birdseye maple, adding contrast to the overall design. Each piece is sanded down by hand and treated with a special natural oil to give it a nice and smooth finish.

Eight not only enhances the user’s music listening experience, but it also improves the user’s Skype or Facetime experience. The sound of the speaker and the microphone are separated so that calls on speaker are clear and crisp. The amp also places the user’s iPhone at a slightly elevated position to make it easy and convenient for them to see the screen and access TouchID.


The natural amplifier does not need power to amplify sound but it includes a hidden slot for the Lightning cable so that it can also function as a dock to charge and sync the user’s iPhone. The front piece is aligned using magnetic snaps to hide the cable.

Eight works with iPhone 5 and 5S models and users will have to take their iPhones out of the case before putting it on the amp since Eight’s creators only considered the phone in its clean form for the design of the amp.

The natural acoustic amplifier has a sleek and timeless design that allows it to double as a functional household art piece. The design of the wood also changes over time as it is unique to the tree it was crafted from.

Eight can be ordered online for $288, inclusive of international shipping, from the website. Each purchase comes with the Lightning cable and a USB extension cable. Every Eight amplifier is made to order and crafted manually, so it can take anywhere from two to four weeks for buyers to receive their new natural acoustic amp.





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