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Embraer Air E2 enhances passenger experience with increased personal room for comfort

Simone Spilka
  • 4 august 2014

The maximum size of a carry-on is a notorious dimension engrained in the mind of the frequent flyer. Packing to the exact measurements can be a difficult experience, and the feeling is further exaggerated if we receive notification our bag is too large to sit with us on the plane. With good travel karma, our belongings that were checked the final moment before departure arrive safely at luggage collection.

2018 might be the year of the airplane, when the new Embraer Air E2 jet takes flight and eliminates size restrictions of our carry-ons. Design firm Priestmangoode developed the aircraft with more space in mind, making it better for both the airline and the customer.

The narrow body jet for Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer Air was designed with the key goal of increasing individual passenger room. The new aircraft uniquely redesigned the personal service unit, or PSU so that each passenger can control their space without disturbing the person next to them. With the E2, light and air controls are confined to the particular person giving the commands. By 2018, it will be possible to read a book throughout a night flight without interrupting the light sleeper one chair over.

The seats are designed to be comfortable and convenient with organized access to all modes of entertainment. A higher and lower pocket exists for books and magazines, while a tablet holder will replace the TV screen and provide the modern traveler a place for their device. The monitor will now reach up to 12″ in diameter.

The aircraft in its entirety incorporates more modern concepts with spacial design themes inspired by that of top-level hotels, such as cleaned up laboratory surfaces, integrated cabin steps and staggered seats, which all create a more spacious feel.

The real kicker is that Priestmangoode developed the PSU in a way which allows a more simple configuration of the aircraft, creating up to 40% more space for luggage. With the redesign, the stow away will fit a standard size suitcase with wheels in first. The industry first provides a new experience for the customer and a leverage over competitors.

Routine and infrequent travelers alike can hope the Embraer Jet A2 is a positive step towards the demise of the long-lost luggage experience.


[h/t] Wired


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