Adhesive LED Strip Converts Monitor Into High Resolution Screen

Adhesive LED Strip Converts Monitor Into High Resolution Screen

AmbiLED HD requires no cabling or construction and can be easily attached to the back of the display

Leah Gonzalez
  • 29 august 2014

Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, AmbiLED HD is a high resolution ambient light conversion kit for computer monitors.

AmbiLED HD works as an adhesive strip and does not need additional cabling or construction. Users can simply attach the strip to the back of their monitor to enhance their viewing experience. AmbiLED HD can control up to 256 LEDs with just a 3-pin connection. The adhesive LED strip basically projects the nearest color to the background to improve the viewer’s visual experience.


To install the LED strip, users first have to tear the back of the self-adhesive strip and then attach the strip to the back of the monitor. Users can cut off the excess with a pair of scissors or bend the unused section to the back of the monitor. Users can adjust the settings later on and AmbiLED HD will automatically disable any unused LEDs. The adhesive material on the strip is reusable and can be transferred to another monitor if needed.

After the strip has been attached, all that’s left to do is to plug the 3-pin connector into the AmbiLED HD Controller, connect the controller to the USB port of the computer and connect it to the power supply via the AC adapter.


AmbiLED HD is open source and operates on an Arduino-based circuit design. It has 14W/m RGB LEDs, a Windows-compatible driver software, and comes with its own wall adapter – US, UK and EU wall adapter plugs are available for users in various locations.

The product was developed by INOVATEK Electronics, a small UK-based electronic design company founded by business partners Melih Karakelle and Bora Acar. According to the creators, they started designing AmbiLED HD as an open source fun project, but their prototype generated so much interest that they decided to offer it as a commercial product.

The developers are currently raising funds for the product on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter price for an AmbiLED HD started at £50. Interested buyers can still purchase an AmbiLED HD kit for £55 plus £5 for shipping outside the UK. The estimated delivery time for the first AmbiLED HD kits is November this year. The Kickstarter campaign ends on October 1st.


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