Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant Schedules Meetings Using Email

Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant Schedules Meetings Using Email
technology system organizes calendar based on personal preferences for meetups

Simone Spilka
  • 19 august 2014

Imagine your Monday coffee at 9:30am, Tuesday Management update at noon and Thursday dinner at 6:30pm all arranged and confirmed with your client, business partner and sister-in-law without the timely back and forth scheduling emails. Enter Amy, formally known as, the artificial intelligence who will magically arrange all of your meetings based on your schedule preferences. At a glance, she seems like Siri and Scarlett Johansson all built into one ideal system.

How Amy Works

From creatives to corporate, answering emails has become a part-time job that no one wants to show up for. The idea for Amy stemmed from CEO and Founder Dennis Mortensen who wanted to kill email responses altogether with an AI driven personal assistant for the masses.

Amy uses email to respond to meeting requests. When a potential client or friend wants to meet up, the user simply sends a response with Amy on CC, at which point the virtual assistant takes over meeting delegation. The user is removed from the email chain as Amy resolves a time and date with the other party.

The system continues to liaise with the party until a meeting time and location has been negotiated, which eliminates scheduling conflicts from location recommendations or schedule overlaps. To finalize, Amy sends an email invitation and confirmation request to both parties and adds the appointment on the calendar.

Users can speak with Amy as they would any other human to organize get-togethers. The highly efficient personal assistant ‘she’ is, Amy was built to learn each individual user’s personal scheduling preferences for locations and times of meetings. Mortensen wanted to ensure that the situational preferences are reflected in the potential meeting request. If you are available to take work calls on Saturday morning, Amy will know. If you don’t drink coffee after 4:00pm, Amy will recommend your client pop into the office for a tour instead of heading to the local cafe. At present, the system requires no download or sign-in. purposefully saves time for both the host and the attendee because rather than exhaust back and forth negotiation emails to schedule meetings, Amy does everything a traditional personal assistant can do, without being human. With $2.1 million secured in seed funding from top IA Ventures, Softbank Capital and Lerer Ventures, the New York based startup is looking for new backend science and engineering guys to build out the product Founders believe will eliminate the Google calendar and inbox in the future. Creatives and corporates alike can celebrate the simplicity in handing off the tedious part-time job of meeting scheduling to Amy.

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