Artisan-Crafted LED Bulbs Armed with One-Of-A-Kind Aesthetics

Artisan-Crafted LED Bulbs Armed with One-Of-A-Kind Aesthetics
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The Biei collection of lighting solutions features designs that resemble things like icicles and molten lava

Leah Gonzalez
  • 14 august 2014

Japanese LED lighting shopping site Only 1 unveiled a collection of light bulbs that have unique shapes and designs reminiscent of different elements like molten lava, grapes, or icicles.

The collection, called Biei, is a series of light bulbs carefully hand-crafted by artisans. The collection includes bulbs that resemble molten lava, a bunch of grapes, icicles, dragon fruit, and more.


The Molten Lava LED light bulb by Toshiyuki Yasuda basically looks like a glob of glass that hardened on a flat surface. When lit up, the inspiration for the design becomes more obvious as the glowing bulb resembles hot molten lava pouring out of the socket. When lit up, it also reveals pockets of bubbles that add a certain quality to the light. The Molten Lava bulb works best in a space when laid over a flat surface to emphasize its unique design.


The Grape LED bulb looks exactly like a bunch of small grapes. The outer part has small round shapes attached to the glass. The Grape light bulb is best suited as a light suspended over the intended space, be it on a counter top or over the porch.

The Icicle LED light bulb by Hitoshi Kamiura is long and slender like its namesake. This particular design was hand blown without a mold and left to be shaped with the help of gravity itself. The Biei collection also includes variations of the Icicle design, like the “crack-filled” icicle and the “thorn-filled cracks” icicle. The crack-filled Icicle light bulb features small cracks on the glass and comes in three different lengths. The thorn-filled Icicle light bulb features cracks along with small thorn-like protrusions on the exterior.


The Dragon Fruit light bulb by Hisao Iida is formed like a dragon fruit, a tropical fruit with an unusual shape and a typically leafy skin. The Dragon Fruit light bulb design mimics this unusual shape and has pointy protrusions on the outside to resemble the leafy skin.

The Biei collection also includes a light bulb that resembles a frozen drop of water and a light bulb with a long cylindrical shape.

The various shapes and features of the light bulb designs in the collection provides unique options to those who want something new and different to light up their space.


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