Urban Photographer Captures New York City Lights at Night

Urban Photographer Captures New York City Lights at Night
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NYC landmarks get the star treatment thanks to urban photographer’s cinematographic style

Angeli Rafer
  • 1 august 2014

Photographer Franck Bohbot offers a new perspective on famous New York facades with his photo series, “Light On”. With a strong fascination for urban landscapes and public space combined with cinematographic iconography as well as attention to the play on melancholic light and chromatics, Bohbot’s work look like stills straight out of a film reel. “Light On” delivers that stunning “film look” with dynamic shots and a natural, warm glow that celebrates the famous neon lights that make New York City shine.


From Radio City Music Hall and Katz’s Deli to Papaya Dog and a local bodega, Bohbot captures everything from familiar tourist traps to local haunts, all wreathed with that glowing, neon charm that can only be found at night. In fact, the perfect staging and color composition of these shots add playfulness and wonder to these seemingly “abandoned” places, giving new life to those rare moments devoid of the typical city crowds.


When asked about his inspiration for this project, or perhaps its meaning, Bohbot simply stated, “I like to make a photograph and let the viewer try to understand the vision and capture.”

The rest of Bohbot’s charming “Light On” series and similar work can be found on Behance.

Images: Franck Bohbot

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