Funny Insurance Ad Shows Why Self-Driving Cars Are Dangerous


It's not for the reasons you might imagine, as the DDB & Tribal spot demonstrates

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 4 august 2014

In a future where cars drive us, people read newspapers again and women in red lipstick drive huge SUVs, what will save us from ourselves?

That seems to be the message in this humorous ad for Dutch insurance agency Centraal Beheer by DDB & Tribal worldwide. In it, a smug man sits in the back of his self-driving VW as amazed onlookers on the street cause chaos from their distraction with him. Jokingly anticipating a wave of destruction when these cars hit the streets, the narrator says ‘technology is ready’ for the self-driving car revolution…and so is the insurance company.

It’s an amusing ad, for sure. Beyond that though, it does bring up the question of how human drivers will react to these cars. If they are programmed to drive defensively, how much can that be taken advantage of by humans? More importantly, how will they impact insurance claims and premiums? If you were in an accident with a self-driving car, would the manufacturer be able to leverage data against you in court, blaming it all on human error?

Centraal Beheer

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