Azerbaijan’s New Airport Terminal Features ‘Organic’ Spaces, Futuristic Design

Azerbaijan’s New Airport Terminal Features ‘Organic’ Spaces, Futuristic Design
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Turkish architecture studio designs wooden cocoons, living trees in new airport terminal

Marnie Kunz
  • 5 august 2014

Turkish architecture studio Autoban has designed an “organic” airport terminal, featuring wooden cocoons, living trees and hexagonal skylights. The soothing and innovative design is the newest addition to Azerbaijan’s Baku Airport.

The international design firm’s creation at Heydar Aliyev International Airport spans four levels of the triangular terminal building, creating a peaceful and serene airport environment unlike any other. Forget the mechanical people movers, white walls and traditional box shapes in most airports. At Baku Airport’s newest terminal, travel is truly an experience in itself, not just a stop on the way to other destinations.

The terminal features striking wooden cocoons – pods containing cafes, bars, shopping kiosks and other amenities such as spa services. Each wooden pod is encased in diamond-shaped, solid Ayous (West African wood) shingles covered with an oak veneer. The pods blend natural, organic ingredients with a futuristic, geometric design.


Turkish designers Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Caglar, founders of Istanbul-based firm Autoban, relied on geometric shapes and innovative design for their airport terminal masterpiece. Triangles are a common recurring theme in the terminal, with the triangular, lattice-lined wood structure of the pods mirrored by triangular shapes in the ceiling and floor tiles.

The futuristic travel experience begins right as passengers enter the terminal, as airport travelers go through a series of glass bubbles before checking in. The checkout area beckons with live trees and grand columns. The domed roof of the terminal features hexagonal skylights, adding to the geometric landscape and natural, welcoming aura of Baku airport’s newest terminal.


Autoban’s terminal also features four “Salam Lounges” for business-class passengers, including comfortable, customized furniture and a fast-track security option.

Designers Özdemir and Caglar created the vision for the futuristic terminal. The design gurus broke up the large terminal space into small, welcoming private areas that make each airport guest feel like a VIP. The terminal includes varying ceiling heights to help break up the the immense space and create a less intimidating feeling. Custom-designed furniture and trees add to the welcoming and luxurious feel of the airport.

[h/t]: Inhabitat


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