Bacardi Spiced Rum Campaign Leverages Brand Heritage

Bacardi Spiced Rum Campaign Leverages Brand Heritage

'Original Bacardi' shows that effectiveness of keeping advertising simple

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 26 august 2014

Since it’s founding in 1962, Bacardi Limited has become the largest privately held spirits company in the world; but it wasn’t until 2011 that Bacardi entered the spiced rum category. Bacardi Oakheart, the first spiced Bacardi rum was launched after competitor Captain Morgan moved their headquarters out of Puerto Rico, which happens to be the same island where Bacardi rums are produced. Puerto Rico, however, is not the birthplace of the Bacardi brand, and for its newest product, and ad campaign, the company will be highlighting its history and heritage.


Bacardi originated in Cuba and was started by the Bacardi family, who still own the corporation today. It was there that the brand made the first clear rum, daiquiri drinks, and the original Cuba Libre drink. According to the Bacardi website, the initial product was aged in oak barrels and was very connected to Cuban society. Both the Bacardi family and company left Cuba during the revolution, however, when all properties were seized by the Fidel Castro regime. Though Bacardi drinks are not found in Cuba today, the business has always held fast to their Cuban roots. For their new product, ‘Original Bacardi’ spiced rum, the Bacardi brand has teamed up with Sam Lane Design ad has created packaging and advertisements that brings Bacardi’s Cuban heritage to the forefront.


Rustic packaging for ‘Original Bacardi’ includes oak crates, mason jars, and a label-free bottle. Similarly, ads show the simple pleasure associated with pouring a glass of the rum, and an old-school bus and street sign calling the product ‘heritage in a bottle.’ Finally, both the crates and the bottles have ‘Ron Especial’ and ‘Santiago de Cuba’ printed on them- reiterating that it is a ‘special rum’ made in Santiago, Cuba. Not every brand has the ability to go back to its origins, but the decision to have this ad campaign focus on Bacardi’s rich history proves that when you have a quality product you don’t have to get complex to sell it.


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