Beer Cocktail Recipes Tastefully Spike Popular Alcoholic Beverages

Beer Cocktail Recipes Tastefully Spike Popular Alcoholic Beverages
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Brews and spirits join together to form a slew of trendy new drinks popping up across America

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 13 august 2014

The summer presents numerous opportunities to enjoy a good beer. Whether you are at a BBQ, a beer garden, the beach, a baseball game, or at a rooftop brunch, the warm weather is a perfect excuse to have a cold one. In recent years, American craft beers have had a rebirth, with many new varieties popping up and fairs and tasting festivals taking place across the country. For the many drinkers who are just not prone to the taste of beer, however, no time is the best time for a beer- but that could change.


Alcoholic beverage drinker’s can generally be classified as beer drinkers, wine drinkers, mixed-drink drinkers, and those who aren’t particularly choosy. If you don’t like beer, you’re probably more of a wine or cocktail kind of a person; and if it’s cocktails you enjoy, your next drink might have beer in it without you even realizing. The latest menu addition in trendy bars across the nation is beer cocktails; cocktails that have beer as their base component.


Beer cocktails are nothing new, but the broadening span of craft beers have given mixologists additional ingredients for their concoctions, which has produced some tasty creations. From the Sapporo Cha Tea, which blends Sapporo beer with 4 oz of chilled green tea and 1 oz of citrus vodka; to the Twisted Fruitbeer Float, which pairs a lemon wheat Abita with 1-2 scoops of lime sherbet- these cocktails are like no beer you’ve ever tasted. Some recipes, like the Sapporo drink mentioned previously, were created by the brewery, but many more were created by bartenders flexing their creative muscles. Regardless of who the creators are, and if you’re seeking something savory or sweet- once you start trying, you’re sure to find a beer cocktail you’ll love.


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