Bike Handlebars Designed to Double as a Lock Address Theft Issues


Denny features a removable handlebar that becomes a bike lock

Leah Gonzalez
  • 25 august 2014

The winning design of Oregon Manifest’s Bike Design Project is a bicycle that makes it easy for riders to secure their bikes without the need for a separate lock.

The Bike Design Project is a competition where teams, each composed of a design firm and a bicycle builder, create a new bicycle solution for the urban rider. The idea is to design a bicycle for the “citizen riders” or those who don’t consider themselves “cyclists” or are not necessarily the avid cyclist type but are simply interested in bikes as a regular mode of transportation. Five teams from five cities designed and developed a fully-functional and road-tested prototype.


Denny, the winning bicycle design, is the creation of the team from Seattle composed of design consultancy firm Teague and independent custom bike fabricator Sizemore Bicycle.

The bicycle design features a rectangular handlebar that serves as a locking system. The locking system works two ways – riders can quickly and easily pull the handlebar open and lock their bikes on a pole or post, or they can remove the handebar altogether to secure their bike to a bike rack or parking station. The handlebar locking system does away with separate locks that can be extra weight for the rider.


Denny includes nifty features like automatic gear shifting and electric power assist. The portable battery can be easily removed and packed into one’s bag for charging later. It also has a flexible storage rack that’s integrated into the frame and rests just below the handlebars. The storage rack also comes with adjustable straps to keep items secure during rides. Denny’s unique and minimalist fender is designed to keep water from the tire as it spins.

The bicycle also comes with the necessary safety features such as fully-integrated turn signals, and head and brake lights. The bike has auto-on lights that react to the lighting conditions, as well as safety lights that shine a light on the road around the bike for added visibility at night.


As the winning design, Denny will be sent to production, thanks to Oregon Manifest’s partnership with Fuji Bikes. There is no price just yet for the bicycle, but it will become available starting spring of 2015.

The Bike Design Project

Source: Wired

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