Bluetooth Padlock Unlocks with Mobile Proximity

Bluetooth Padlock Unlocks with Mobile Proximity

Noke lets users decipher the code without using physical keys

Leah Gonzalez
  • 25 august 2014

When there’s a lock, there’s a key, but keys can easily get lost or stolen. Drape, Utah-based company FŪZ Designs has a solution for that – a waterproof padlock that can be unlocked via Bluetooth with an iOS or Android device.

The company’s product, called Noke, is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. By the looks of it, a whole lot of people want to have this Bluetooth padlock since the Kickstarter campaign has already raised over three times its goal of $100,000 with about three weeks to go in the campaign.

To start using Noke, the user has to first download and install the app into their device. Noke will automatically find their device and pair with it. To unlock their Noke, users simply have to press the shackle on Noke. The padlock will “wake up” and look for the paired device in the vicinity. When it detects the device it will automatically unlock. Users don’t have to open the app or even take out their smartphone from their pockets or bags.


Users can manage their Noke settings using the app. They can turn off the auto-unlock feature or set a range limit. This allows the user to lock their device inside a locker or be near their Noke without unlocking it unintentionally. The user can set up push notifications to let them know when their Noke is being opened. Users can also assign unlocking abilities to friends using the app. They can select one-time, permanent or custom settings if they want to share Noke with friends.

FŪZ Designs has also developed a custom chain and bike mount so Noke users can use their padlock to secure their bicycles. The custom chain and bike mount can be purchased separately.


Of course, the Noke isn’t solely dependent on the user’s smartphone. Noke uses a patent-pending Quick-Click technology that allows owners to create a custom access code. If they don’t have their smartphone, users can just click in their code to unlock their Noke.

Interested buyers can still purchase their own Noke for the Kickstarter price of $59. If they want the bike cable and mount, it’s going to cost them $79. Shipping starts in February 2015.


Check out the Kickstarter video here.

FŪZ Designs

Source: Engadget

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