Art, Sports Cultures Intersect in Skateboard Furniture Collection

Art, Sports Cultures Intersect in Skateboard Furniture Collection

Brazilian hand-crafted furniture made from boards, bearings, and wheels

Ross Brooks
  • 15 august 2014

Skateboarding has a hardcore following around the world, but it’s not often that it works its way into other areas of popular culture. One exception is the work of Pedro Guglielmi, a Brazilian designer who has created a unique fusion between sports object and furniture design. He’s even decided to open a store called Drops Móveis (Drops Furniture), which offers a very cool collection of hand-crafted furniture, all of which were made in Vila Madalena, São Paulo.

The designer told the Brazilian website Zupi about how he came up with the idea:

“The idea of the project was born when I was working in Amsterdam…last year, every day when I came home, [I passed] in front of a store that had a bench made with a skateboard, and one day I decided to talk with the seller about how he had made the bench and if they sold these parts.”


From there, Guglielmi did some market research and realized there weren’t that many others in the space. With that in mind, he had no choice but to create his own unique blend of sporting goods and furniture design to the Brazilian market.

At the moment Drops is made by me from the site to the finishing of furniture, photographs, videos, all on the same brand, we set up shop here in the garage of my house and went shopping [for] tools gradually. I live near the Vila Madalena subway and do sales of [via] the site.


His operation might be small, but it’s proof that with the right combination of ideas, and plenty of perseverance, there is a place for almost anyone in the market – no matter how strange their creation might seem at first. Finally, here’s a little insight into how the designer came up with the name for his store:

“The name comes from the word Drop is that you go down the slope, ramp, or wave with a surfboard – it’s a word often used in these board sports.”


Drops Furniture

[h/t] BoredPanda

Images by Drops Furniture

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