Burgers Are the Canvas for These French Artists

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It's like the French really like burgers or something

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 5 august 2014

Health, environmental and animal rights issues aside, it’s widely know that burgers are pretty much the perfect food. But did you know they are also the perfect medium for creative expression?

French designers Thomas and Quentin use expert photographic and food art skills to craft the simple burger format into a range of deliciously themed works of art. Their project, Fat & furious burger, has been active for a few years and have been covered previously on PSFK, when they made a series of burger photos around daily news and movies.

Now the hungry team has released new images for us to drool over, which you can click through above or see below.. These aren’t collectively themed, but rather showcase the duo’s skills will a grill and camera.

It might seem peculiar that such an expert treatment of an iconic American dish would come from the French, who you might expect would look down on basic food like the burger, but the French actually totally love them. There are numerous native fast food chains in France based around serving burgers, all copying the McDonald’s and Burger King method, and McDonald’s itself is strangely popular. The French are also really good at making ads for McDonald’s, and seem to be intensely self-aware about their love affair with it.

Fat & furious burger

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