Charity:Water Camera Strap Harnesses Photography as Awareness Tool


ONA's Bags newest accessory encourages photographers to tell stories that help bring clean water to people around the world

Simone Spilka
  • 11 august 2014

Photography is one of the most powerful storytelling tools; a single image has the ability to inspire us towards some type of social change. Using photography, charity:water has transformed the relationship between their donors and receivers, and bridged a gap between the developed and developing world.

Together, camera bag design company ONA and charity:water have teamed up to create The Sahel Strap, a photographer’s accessory that reminds people to share important stories about the world. The Sahel Strap collaboration will raise awareness and funds about charity:water’s mission to provide clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet living without it.

The Sahel is ONA’s new gear, a handcrafted leather strap padded with soft neoprene. Two chrome buckles attach to the side of the camera, which make it simple to custom adjust the length of the strap. The drop length of 19.5″ to 23.5″ was designed for the purpose of wearing the strap as a cross-body sling for camera kits that weigh up to six pounds.

A #TellStories canvas patch lines the black leather as a reminder for photographers to play a role in social change. The Sahel Strap encourages people to use their talent as a tool to tell meaningful stories. The Sahel both looks good and does good for a purpose.

Providing sanitized water to millions of people in developing countries comes at the price of $99, with $30 of each purchase going back to the charity’s operation. It’s a minimal tag for a photographer who wants to simultaneously look good and do good for a purpose. Pick up your own strap and #tellstories.

Charity:Water // ONA

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