Climb Mount Everest on Interactive Charity Website

Climb Mount Everest on Interactive Charity Website
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Trek to the summit online and donate to the families of the Sherpas lost in the devastating avalanche earlier this year

Vashti Hallissey
  • 18 august 2014

You may feel that you scale a mountain of work every day but a new website lets you experience the real thing with the highest mountain in the world. A charity has recreated Mount Everest in an interactive experience designed to raise money for the families of Sherpas.

Sherpa Family Fund supports the families of the 16 Sherpa climbers who were tragically killed in an avalanche this April. It was the deadliest day in the mountain’s history and it left the families of the Sherpas struggling for survival.

Everest Avalanche Tragedy lets people explore the unforgiving terrain, which reaches 8,848 metres above sea level at its peak. You can follow the journey from Base Camp to the summit on screen, nevigating the beautiful yet perilous landscape.


Sheer drops, extreme weather, atmospheric pressure and physical exhaustion have claimed the lives of many climbers and Sherpas, with the first expedition in 1922 resulting in the deaths of seven porters in an avalanche.

The Sherpas are an ethnic group that live high in the Himalayas and whose bodies have genetically adapted to the climate after living at altitude for thousands of years. Their lungs, metabolism, muscle structures are different to those of Westerners and make them suited to the harsh conditions of the mountains.


Sherpas have been helping climbers to scale Mount Everest for around a hundred years, letting Westerners benefit from their knowledge and experience. While climbers who scale the mountain often return to their countries as heroes, the Sherpas who made these expeditions possible are usually overlooked by the history books.

Sadly, several Sherpas die every year from this extremely dangerous work, leaving their families facing heartbreak and hardship after losing their sole breadwinners.


On the website, you can read personal accounts of the tragedy, learn about the lives of Sherpas and show your support by donating to Sherpa Family Fund.

Everest Avalanche Tragedy pays tribute to the Sherpas who died in the fatal expedition earlier this year, ensuring that they are no longer neglected by history. Once you have reached the virtual summit and taken in the breath-taking views, you have a greater understanding the importance of Sherpas to our understanding of this magnificent terrain.

Everest Avalanche Tragedy

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