Collapsible Hot Tub Offers Up Portable Spa Experience

Collapsible Hot Tub Offers Up Portable Spa Experience
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With the Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub, users don't have to give up luxury while adventuring in the outdoors

Charlie Stephens
  • 26 august 2014

The modern day hot tub is an entertainment center- equipped with built in stereos, bright lights, and rotating jets. But while they’re great for entertaining, all of the fun must stay within the confines of your backyard, or wherever the tub is planted.

A new fold-up hot tub is now letting users get the spa experience in other outdoor environments. The Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub is portable, vinyl-lined, and can hold up to 225 gallons of water. While the hot tub has a diameter of five feet and stands two feet tall, it folds down into a 15 inch X 15 inch cube that fits into a light duffle bag.

The collapsible hot tub is ideal for campers and other outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy their spa time, wherever they’re at. The hot tub is priced at $550, and comes in three different colors: black, yellow, and red. This seems like a steal of a price, but if you want your water hot, a water heater coil can be purchased separately for $625 dollars (the two are also sold as a pack for $999). The coil can be heated using propane gas, natural gas, or firewood- so you can simultaneously roast s’mores and heat up the spa.


If not by a water source, the company recommends using the Honda WX10 to fill up the hot tub. Once filled, about 5 people can fit- giving you and you’re friends an intimate time in the outdoors.


The Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub lets users relax in the wilderness with a bit of home-like luxury. There aren’t any high-tech features attached, which is why it can be a key addition to any outdoor adventure.

Images: Uncrate

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